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Friday, May 18, 2007

A Change of Philsophy

Yesterday I posted a message about me not liking a lens I have. While nothing has changed in this regard I have changed my mind (my right) about asking for support of my work. So I have changed my message and put it below. I think this is more consistent with my goals and mindset for my work. - Bb

About purchasing prints: I have made this blog as an easy way for you to enjoy my images. I hope you come back to it often and browse what I have been able to capture so far in my 365 Project.

If you like what you have been seeing on this site and would like to purchase a print I would encourage you to do so. For two reasons, One it helps me financially keep doing what I am doing, and 2) I believe my work is meant to be enjoyed and made part of your lives. To buy a print and hang it on your wall is to invite me into your life. I have come to the realization that people either enjoy my work, they appreciate my work or they are indifferent. Those who don't like my work are critics and I don't worry about them too much. If you enjoy looking at it online I am pleased I could bring you a bit of art to your life. If you keep coming back to an image you enjoy I would encourage you to get a print.

Because photographs in and of them selves are meant to be an easy way to reproduce an exposure, I am going to follow the lead of Brooks Jensen and offer my images at prices reachable by everyone. I don't have a fancy cart system, yet, so for now if there is an image you like just send me an email and tell me what you like. I am working on getting my older work up on the web- I have a lot of images from over the years, but I am in the process of selecting only the best to be displayed in my portfolio.


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